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Blackmagic Camcorders

Blackmagic Camcorders
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Medium format of the future with the Fujifilm GFX 100 II

Medium format is a myth that many photographers dream of and Fujifilm offers this dream with the GFX series, so after many years the GFX100 now gets the next generation with the GFX 100 II.

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Camcorders in a class of their own for high demands

Blackmagic camcorders are renowned for their outstanding imaging performance and intuitive, modern design. For the first time, Blackmagic has succeeded in converting the quality of a professional digital film camera into such a small format that it is portable and therefore extremely flexible. The 4K-capable camcorders are available with lens mounts for Canon EF, PL-Cinema-Lenses and Micro-Four-Thirds. The compact design also makes it possible to use extreme wide angles. The Blackmagic camcorders are characterized by the fact that they deliver final results with a cinematic look. In combination with the high resolution in 4K, this makes it easy to reframing during editing. The camcorders are available in different sizes and for different requirements. From the small pocket body to the Cinema 2.5K camera and the 4K production camera to the URSA body, there is a suitable camera for every challenge. The Blackmagic range is aimed at ambitious filmmakers and professional productions who value first-class dynamic range, ease of use and high resolution.