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Bundles with Capture One for iPad - 12 months membership

Capture One Mobile Tethering Bundle

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Capture One

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Free live consultation

Your individual consultation - from the comfort of your sofa

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Our favorite features in Capture One 12

Capture One is a professional image editing and raw development software. In this article, we'll tell you about our favorite features of the image editing software and introduce helpful tools to help you get the most out of your photos.

Adobe and Co - Software for all needs

In digital photography, the image processing decides significantly over the final result. Even the best equipment and a modern studio are of little use if the captured files cannot be processed properly afterwards. This is where image editing software comes into play, such as Adobe's Photoshop. With such software, both the demands of the photographer and the wishes of the customer can be fulfilled. In addition to the well-known industry leader Photoshop, Adobe has Lightroom, a software for editing and managing digital photos in the program, which delivers first-class results in digital image editing together with other applications, but also independently.Furthermore, Lightroom is compatible with a wide range of additional presets that allow any photographer to achieve great photographic results with little effort. For the development of RAW files, the image editing program Capture One Pro - from the camera manufacturer Phase One - is also available.
Adobe also has a great solution for video editing in its portfolio: Adobe Premiere Elememts. A software that is specifically tailored for home users, but with many of the features of its big brother Adobe Premiere. With software from manufacturers such as Phase One, ACDSee, Efi, Magix or Silverfast, photographers or videographers will always find a suitable way to edit, manage and provide their material.