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Objektive für jede Situation

Willkommen in unserem Tamron Markenstore. Hier finden Sie Objektive für jede Situation; über lichtstarke Festbrennweiten und Makro-Optiken bis hin zum Megazoom bzw. Reisezoom ist alles vorhanden, was das Fotografenherz begehrt.
Tamron zeichnet sich durch seine langjährige Erfahrung im Bereich der Objektivherstellung aus. Das Unternehmen, welches in den 50er-Jahren in Japan gegründet wurde, konzentrierte sich von Anfang an auf die Produktion hochwertiger Linsen und konnte sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten ein umfassendes Know-how aneignen und dabei das Angebot an Objektive für nahezu alle Situationen stetig erweitern.

Entdecken Sie jetzt die Vielfalt der Tamron Welt in unserem neuen Markenstore!

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Die Tamron SP-Serie

Immer schärfere Fotos, immer bessere Bilder, eine Ausrüstung als Statussymbol - die Anforderungen an das Fotoequipment steigen immer mehr.
Die Fotografen verlangen nach Linsen, die das Maximum an Bildqualität liefern und hochwertig verarbeitet sind. Mit der neuen SP-Serie liefert Tamron genau das. Die Abbildungsleistung ist überragend, die Haptik einzigartig und das Design schnörkellos edel.

SP-Serie Objektive

The best portrait lenses 2023 - More than fixed focal lengths

The best portraits are taken with fixed focal lengths, aren't they? Our colleagues in the store always get lots of questions about photography, from cameras to accessories, everything is included but we also always discuss the best lenses with each other!

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Right focal length for portrait live shooting with Thomas Adorff

In the second live shooting which focal length is perfect for your portraits and what effects they have on your image! Thomas Adorff gives you tips and tricks and tells you about his own experiences in portrait photography!

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Hard light, striking, rich in contrast- Live shooting with Thomas Adorff

In this live shooting you will learn how to use hard light for your portraits. Thomas Adorff will answer your questions and show you in practice how you can directly implement tips and tricks!

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Test report: The Tamron 35-150mm f2-2.8 zoom lens, which makes all fixed focal lengths obsolete!

Finally Nikon gets the Tamron 35-150mm and we could test it extensively for you! Besides a video, we also have many practical examples.

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Tamron Lens Utility Presentation

In the new free version of Tamron Lens Utility, it is now possible to customize the previously released lenses Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III VXD G2 Sony FE mount  Tamron 35-150mm f/2-2.8 Di III VXD Sony FE mount down to the last detail to suit personal needs.

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Focus on the Future - new Tamron lenses

Presentation of the latest lenses of the Tamron series by Sven Diegel.

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Tamron in E-mount frenzy | 28-200mm for full-frame hands-on

We tested the new Tamron 28-200mm for Sony E-mount for you in Düsseldorf. Thanks to the latest technical advances and innovations, Tamron has managed to go one step further. You can find out what has been optimized and what progress has been made in this blog post.

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Top 3 travel lenses

We present our top 3 best travel lenses. Maybe there's something for you too.

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Sigma Art and Tamron SP series

What unites most photographers is the search for the perfect tool. This can sometimes cost a few euros more. Above all, this desire includes the search for a great lens. It should be extremely sharp and have a high-quality feel.

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Guide to moon photography

There are not only a few myths and stories from the past few years about our celestial satellite, but it is also more than ever the focus of astronomers, scientists and the like. In this article, we want to give you the best tips on equipment and settings for the perfect photo of the moon.

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OM System Innovation Day

With the new OM-1 Mark II, OM System has unveiled a new flagship camera, which should please outdoor and travel photography enthusiasts in particular. At the end of February, we will be welcoming OM expert Nils Häußler to show you the new camera. First he will welcome you in the store so that you can try out the camera and ask questions. This will be followed in the evening by a livestream in which he will talk to our experts about the camera.

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Camera Basics #19: Tilt shift lenses and the effect explained

The tilt shift effect is certainly an old shoe for many photographers, but this effect is very interesting to consider because it can be found in many facets of photography, so the use of tilt shift optics is not only at home in architectural photography.

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