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Accessories for photography, videography and co.

In this category you will find lots of products from the photo, video, smartphone/tablet and electronics sectors. The main focus is on the corresponding accessories, but also the product groups light with flash units and studio equipment, printers and scanners as well as binoculars and other optics. You can expect an extensive selection that is almost unique. Should you still not find what you are looking for, please /kontakt.html" title="Contact us"> contact us.

High-quality photo accessories for amateurs and professionals at Foto Koch

The range of photo accessories on offer is almost unique. This applies to both photography and video filming. What's more, technical devices and accessories are increasingly designed for mobile use. The right memory card, e.g. from SanDisk or Kingston, is essential to ensure you always have enough space to save files at home and on the move. The size of the card, but of course also the amount of gigabytes that must be available, are decisive. For professional photographers, it is very important to have maximum storage space, as the raw material of images and videos can take up a lot of storage space before post-processing. If it is only about private photos of the next party, wedding or vacation, then smaller amounts of gigabytes are sufficient. However, it should be noted that many devices only work with mini-SDs. Of course, you also need to consider whether you want a particularly powerful battery or even a power bank for on the go. Here too, it is important to consider whether the digital camera will be used for private purposes or not. If you want to print or scan your pictures reliably at home, you need suitable devices from Canon, Pixma or Epson. Color or black and white printers, 2-in-1 or separate devices, 3D function, the right paper, the correct and longest-lasting cartridges - there is a lot to consider. The highlight of today's cameras is that they send print signals directly to the printer and can also communicate with scanners. Wifi functions are essential for this. For every photographer, such devices are almost a must for processing snapshots even more easily. But there is so much more to discover: Other photo accessories such as flash units or microscopes open up numerous possibilities for taking pictures of dark rooms or small things. Of course, protection and care should never be neglected. Protective films, particularly soft and chemical-free cleaning cloths or special dabbing sets for lenses are worthwhile in the long term, create a clear look and prevent defects such as scratches from spoiling the fun of photography. The selection of photo accessories for photographers knows almost no bounds and allows for a great variety in the pursuit of the hobby or work.

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