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A photo trip to Sylt - digital and analog!

Lennart Filthuth and Hannes Wittkopf went on a camping/road trip to Sylt and took a couple of their cameras with them. You can find out what they had with them and why here. They also show a few of their results.

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Carry the camera easily on your hand with a hand strap

A hand strap on a camera not only serves the purpose of carrying the camera on your wrist, but also that the camera is secured from falling. A hand strap can be a fashion statement, or have a practical use. So when it comes to choosing the right strap, there are a few decisions that can complicate the choice.

The essential factors:

  • Material
  • Function
  • Color

Which material?

The material differs in leather, plastics or natural materials. Rarely hand straps have installed metal, because it is too heavy on the wrist. So hand loops are often made of paracord, or a rope with an eyelet that closes on the other side.

Functions of a hand strap

  • Clip
  • Hand strap on the camera / support hand strap
  • Self tightening
  • Carabiner
  • Floating ring

Brands like Peak Design are known for practical accessories around the camera. So their hand strap is designed to fit on the camera strap as well. So depending on your needs, you can wear the camera on your wrist, or around your neck. The clips are also sold separately, and you can create your own other options for where and how to attach the camera. Some hand straps have a clip that allows you to remove the hand strap from the camera.

A hand strap for a secure and stable hold in your hand is a support hand strap that supports your wrist while you hold the camera in your hand. It is especially useful when using heavy telephoto lenses that are transported on a tripod, so that these can then still be well controlled on the ball head, it may make sense that this loop is attached.

A loop that pulls itself closed is particularly practical, as the camera is thus more exposed to the risk of a free fall.

The color as a statement

The colors are a fashion choice. The industry moves with it and brings even more colors to the market in recent years to meet the color choice / taste of each photographer.